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As I spoke to my mom she was examining closely..."Edna what did you eat today....your breath is...I don't know....fishy...were you eating sex beeg fish??..." I grinned to myself..."Yes mom...the sweetest fish I have ever tasted...the sweetest one..." Please share your opinions and tell beeg porno me if you liked my story and the style of writing...thanks for reading... baby_edna2000yahoo Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 11:12:55 -0700 beeg moms (PDT) From: Edna Martinez Subject: Edna's Weakness 4 (Revised) Comments xxx beeg or experiences to share: baby_edna2000yahoo Chapter 4 (Coming to Terms) That night it was impossible to contain all of my excitement; there was a permanent smile carved www.beeg com on my face. I was in love, and it was such a beeg.con beautiful feeling, different to anything that I had experienced before; it was amazing and truly promising. 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I still suck on my thumb" Lisa stood up and made a silly face while sucking on her thumb, www.beeg..com trying to make a point that she was not fooled by my vague answer. "And anyways...I am not going to be able to go...the coach would hate if I missed another practice....so see yaaaa!!!"....and with that Lisa flicked her tongue at both of us, and took off running beeg come to continue practicing. Lisa beeg come was such a cool girl, she never seemed to take anything seriously, and even though beeh she could be immature and a bit childish at times, I felt very fortunate to have her choose me as one of her close friends. As I watched her running towards the court, I couldn't help but to focus beeg . on her mighty ass, which looked very firm and powerful...'wow that's such a nice ass'...'I wonder...' My thought was suddenly interrupted by Megan's voice..."Hey...I already got permission from the coach...are you ready?" As soon as I heard Megan's voice, I immediately shook off any libidinous thought that I was having about Lisa. It was just impossible for my eyes to ignore such a delectable display of goodies. "Yes..yes...yes...yessss!!!....Of course....let's do it..." I managed to tear beeg hairy my gaze off of Lisa's buttocks long enough to cheerfully respond to Megan. "Cool then....let's get to walking..." Lisa replied perkily. As we were making our way down the sidewalk, I knew that it was going to be another humid Texan day; the breeze was blowing warm, and the sun was blistering. Even though the movie free beeg theater was only six blocks from the school, the suffocating heat made beeg xnxx it feel like fifteen miles. We made very small talk during the walk, as we consciously tried to beeg porche salvage our energy, which was quickly melting under the sulfurous sun. We were starting milf beeg to sweat, and I knew that we would smell by the time we made it to the movie theater. 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